Key Worker Sampling

Unlocking Appreciation: Engaging Key Worker Sampling Campaigns

During the challenging times of national lockdowns and the COVID-19 pandemic, the vital contributions of key workers came sharply into focus, revealing the often overlooked and undervalued roles they play in sustaining our communities and essential services.

Our Key Worker sampling initiatives serve as a beacon of appreciation and recognition, reaching out to over 1,600,000 individuals across various sectors, from the Emergency Services through to Teachers and Local Council workers. Through these campaigns, we offer a platform to engage and reward these dedicated professionals for their tireless efforts.

Tailored options for ambient and chilled sampling, with sales-driven inserts and bespoke surveys, ensure alignment with diverse workplaces. Through these initiatives, we foster deep appreciation and support, contributing to a culture of gratitude for those sustaining our communities – which creates a deep, personal connection to your brand

Happy bus driver displaying his sample as part of Key Worker Sampling
Key Worker Sampling showing a happy Royal Mail worker holding a Bloo Sample
NHS Sampling showing a woman drinking a Starbucks Coffee
NHS Sampling with two nurses eating a soup

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Standout key worker sampling

Elevate product sampling for key workers effortlessly. Our tailored strategy ensures impactful engagements in environments such as the NHS, delivering measurable results and feedback. We handle everything from planning to execution, so you can focus on your business.

NHS Sampling showing a happy man holding Fancy Plants

Tracked performance & reporting

Discover the true impact of key worker sampling with our robust reporting tools. Gain visibility into sample distribution, audience profiles, live-action visuals, and in-depth survey analysis for informed decision-making. Our online platform offers real-time survey results and built-in analytics to monitor your campaign’s performance effectively.

Gems Sampling survey and analytics platform, alongside an example report

Clear path to purchase

Maximize convenience for consumers with our cutting-edge store-mapping software. Target nearby workplaces, simplifying the journey to your retailers and seamlessly integrating your product into their routines. Leverage supportive communications and a branded microsite to drive online purchases or provide personalized, geo-located directions to physical stores. Enhance purchase motivation by aligning office sampling with in-store offers or money-off coupons for added incentives.

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Ambient & chilled

Whether you’ve got a refreshing drink best served ice-cold, dairy that needs end-to-end chilled management, or a frozen yoghurt, our key worker sampling solutions cater for most product types and requirements.

Short-dated stock? No problem, our ultra-fast turnaround means you can put products fast approaching their best-before dates to good use!

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Don’t worry, we’re still just as committed to bringing those in our workplace network the same great rewarding campaigns you’ve come to expect from us.