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About us

In late 2015 we got together and created a vision for the future of product sampling. At the time, sampling was seen as one of the best ways of attracting consumers to brands, yet nearly all of the options available were found lacking.

Achieving scale would mean sacrificing on targeting and the sampling experience. Delivering a great experience would present scale challenges; either blow your marketing budget or fail to give the right experience to enough people.

About us

This is ‘The Sampling Conundrum’, and what’s got us our mission to deliver brands more measurable results through sampling campaigns that combine targeting, scale, engagement and insight.

Back when we first started office drop sampling had been around for years, but we saw the potential for doing it properly and giving brands a better way to sample their products, and employers an easy, yet effective way to reward their staff. Eight incredible years later, and we’re applying our approach to deliver excellent results in other sampling channels – gyms, universities and the home – in the UK, Ireland and the US.

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Relentless in delivering the highest standard

Our knowledge and determination to deliver better sampling solutions for our brand partners sets s apart from our competitors. We are proud of our work and achieving the high standard we set ourselves

Make it happen together

Individually we are great at what we do, collectively we are a force to be reckoned with!

Respect for others and no bad vibes

We encourage people to voice their opinions and treat others the way they'd like to be treated

Always find a way

It's the way we overcome challenges that defines us and our amazing team of sampling experts

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Brands we’ve collaborated with

You’re talented, creative and curious?

Then we’d love to hear from you.

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We've Re-branded!

Notice something a little different? 

We’re thrilled to announce that gemsatwork has become Gems Sampling; or just Gems for short!

This transformation is more than just a re-brand; it symbolises our expansion into a diverse array of environments, including universities, gyms and homes.

Don’t worry, we’re still just as committed to bringing those in our workplace network the same great rewarding campaigns you’ve come to expect from us.