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See your brand take centre stage in captive work environments

Effective office sampling isn’t just about sending free products to company receptions. Our targeted approach is specifically developed to reach the right consumers in workplace environments, to help create the best possible brand experiences whilst providing measurable results and valuable, honest feedback.

We offer a range of office sampling options suited to the workplace environment, whether it’s corporate HQs, shared offices, hospitals or other key workers, each one tailored to reach target consumers in the way that brands intended.

Unlike traditional ‘office drop’ methods, our approach relies on an established network of brand ambassadors, who engage their employees and bring the brands to life in their workplaces.

Two consumers sampling Strongbow Tropical in their office
Consumer holding a box of Colgate Max White during an Office Sampling Activation
Office Sampling of Bounce Balls
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Standout office sampling

Creating, immersive, engaging and unique experiences for office sampling couldn’t be simpler with our effective approach. It’s more than just distributing free products at company receptions. Our targeted strategy is designed to connect with the right consumers in workplace environments, fostering optimal brand experiences while delivering measurable results and invaluable feedback.

The best part? We take care of everything, from the planning, logistics, asset creation, printing, and total campaign management so you don’t have to!
Showing the campaigns from gemsatwork to Gems Sampling

Tracked performance & reporting

Often the unsung hero until it’s time to review the results of your office sampling campaign, our reporting tools provide greater visibility on where your samples have been delivered, audience demographic and psychographic profiling, pictures of the sampling in action, topped off by detailed survey analysis providing you with meaningful insight for better-informed decision making. Our online platform lets you access survey results in real-time, with built-in analytics to help you track the performance of your home sampling campaign.

Gems Sampling survey and analytics platform, alongside an example report

Clear path to purchase

Using our innovative store-mapping software, you can target workplaces that are only within a short distance of your retailers; ensuring all consumers who receive a sample have a simple journey to store and can easily build your product into their future routines. Through supporting communications and branded microsite, you can drive consumers to purchase either online, or through providing step-by-step personalised, geo-located directions to retailers.

Aligning your office sampling activation with an in-store offer or accompanying your sample with a money-off coupon can be used to further incentivise purchase.

Map to closest store

Ambient & chilled

Whether you’ve got a refreshing drink best served ice-cold, dairy that needs end-to-end chilled management, or a frozen yoghurt, our office sampling solutions cater for most product types and requirements.

Short-dated stock? No problem, our ultra-fast turnaround means you can put products fast approaching their best-before dates to good use!

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We've Re-branded!

Notice something a little different? 

We’re thrilled to announce that gemsatwork has become Gems Sampling; or just Gems for short!

This transformation is more than just a re-brand; it symbolises our expansion into a diverse array of environments, including universities, gyms and homes.

Don’t worry, we’re still just as committed to bringing those in our workplace network the same great rewarding campaigns you’ve come to expect from us.