Reaching your target audience

Reaching your target audience at the optimum times in Autumn and Winter

As we wave goodbye to the warmth of summer, we welcome the chilly embrace of autumn and winter and with that comes a rise in the popularity of indulgent office snacks, more home delivery orders and a shift towards more hearty food options.

Autumn and winter are a perfect time to sample your products and reach your target audience in the comfort of their own homes, at their daily trip to the gym or in the office with their colleagues. Below, we explore some of the ways in which consumers change their consumption habits through the colder months.

🏠 A rise in home delivery orders
Let’s face it, we’re all slightly less inclined to leave the house as often in winter! With this attitude comes a significant rise in people ordering breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert to their homes. Sampling your products via Just Eat and Deliveroo gives your consumers the chance to have a sample delivered directly to their doorstep, alongside a tasty meal.

🍫 Comfort food: What more do we want than indulgent snacks and hearty foods when it’s cold outside? Your consumers are reaching for meal pots, soups and warm hearty lunches in winter, as well as sweet treats and baked goods. The office is the perfect environment to sample your products, especially in an environment where people are craving pick-me-ups in the day to keep them going, and some delicious warm food to brighten up their lunch breaks.

☕️ Hot Drinks: Our already bursting love for hot drinks intensifies during the colder weather. Tea bags, coffee pots, cups and bags become ever more appealing, and everyone just loves a hot chocolate when it’s cold. Providing these products for consumers to reach to in a captive environment has never made more sense than during Autumn and Winter.

🎄 Festive drinks: There’s nothing better than a winter get-together and some drinks when the office is winding down after a long year. Thursday and Friday afternoon drinks have never been more popular.

Colder weather in the UK brings about a shift in food and drink product trends, showcasing the nation’s desire for warmth, comfort, and community. Reaching your target audience through sampling in their own captive environment is the perfect storm.

📧 Reach out to us today to find out which of our sampling avenues we would recommend for reaching your target audience!

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