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Don’t compromise when it comes your product sampling agency!

Don’t compromise when it comes your product sampling agency!

Gems have 30+ years of product sampling agency & marketing experience collectively as a team, we are built from ex brand, highly experienced sales people in food & drink, marketing managers that have moved from product to our agency to still remain in the FMCG space, ex Sainsbury’s and some of the best insights & data specialists in the country. This is how we created, hands down the best sampling mechanic available out there for brands.

Basically, we really know our stuff!

Working with the biggest names in FMCG such as KIND, Pladis, Haleon, Unilever, Lindt Chocolate, Weetabix & Ferrero consistently over the years means we truly know what success looks for brands, our reporting is “the most comprehensive and invaluable” that a lot of brands have ever seen, demonstrating exactly how we meet objectives, what personas we can create from the data using our bespoke survey platform, how many of those consumers we have access too and how we mapped close to retailers using our nearstore technology.

Anyway, enough about how great we are, and how this is all our own in house mechanic so you won’t need to pay agency fees on top and that we have access to 5.5 million unique consumers etc etc…

I’m head of brand partnerships at Gems, running the UK side of the sampling business, so most of my week is spent having discovery calls with potential clients (lauren@Gems – feel free to book in a call!) – what I have found is brands ALWAYS have to compromise on something when it comes to sampling. We’re the leading product sampling agency in the UK for a reason!

Let me give you a few examples brands have shared and how we have fixed that problem;

Train Station & On street– How will I know if that consumer even fits the target demographic of my product? They put it in their bag in a rush to get to their next location, where is the excitement and engagement with my product? Did they like it? Are they going to buy it? Did they just come back for more? However its pretty cheap!

Direct to door – Super targeted but hugely expensive so I can’t reach a lot of people! No need to hire staff and educate them on the product, can be consumed in their own time.

Festivals – Overwhelmed and overstimulated consumers, the lasting memory for them will be watching their favourite performer on stage, maybe not the free drink i’ve just given them! How will they know where to buy it? Again there is no visibility or measurability. However… a fun way to give out lots of products quickly to thirsty people!

Gems Sampling –

⚡️ Can target consumers based on industry, location, how close they are to stockists, education level, attitudinal behaviours, product wishlist answers, age range, gender.

⚡️ Sample at scale at a competitive rate per consumer nationwide.

⚡️ No restrictions on product packaging. Big glass bottle of wine? 1L carton of milk? No problem!

⚡️ Can create sharing occasions to add value to your brand, create more of an experience and also half the cost by sharing the price with your partner.

⚡️ We under deliver samples to workplaces to ensure a premium experience and guarantee 0 wastage.

⚡️ Survey included in the package, ask consumers any questions you’d like about their sampling experience and we will hand over the raw data as well as giving our own detailed analysis with pictures of the consumers trying your products & building personas based on intention to purchase.

⚡️ Create memorable experiences, what more could you want as a staff member at Monzo, Linkedin or ASOS to be given a chilled drink on a Thursday afternoon and be allowed to come away from your desk to collectively try samples together as a group, bond with your colleagues and create natural conversation around the product.

⚡️ We handle everything, no staff or design team required – give us your assets & your products and we will do the rest! We want to make your job super easy.

⚡️ Flexibility – you have short dated stock you want to put to good use within 2 weeks? (Don’t tell our head of ops, but i’ll make it work!) you can book in a larger amount of samples across a year to secure a lower price per unit and do smaller campaigns in bursts to make it easier for your brand logistically.

⚡️ We will take the postcodes of your stores, not only make sure we are targeting the right types of people, but that they are within walking distance to purchase you after the sampling experience.

I could go on! but if you want to chat in more detail about how our product sampling agency can help you, please reach out and we can set up a call 😊

Want to find more insight? Click here to see our selection of blogs, or head over to our LinkedIn to see what our sampling experts are saying right now!


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